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Learn about why we exist, what we do, and who we are


The problem that we care deeply about is that many tourism businesses and destinations are struggling to survive as a result of Covid.




We design and develop innovative products that help tourism businesses and destinations thrive.


The reason we care about this intersection so passionately is because we believe that tourism businesses (especially the small ones) are the key to unlocking the potential that tourism has to create better places for us all to live in, and fall in love with.






We are two young (at heart) African female entrepreneurs who love everything to do with travel and tourism. We are passionate, idealistic creatives and we don't apologise for it. We celebrate seeing the world differently. We are rebels, we are dreamers, we are innovators.

Daniella Sachs

Daniella Sachs

Born to solve wicked problems and raised a designer

Lauren Uğur


Born to teach and raised as a global citizen

From We, to I, to Us.

Know Your Tourist is three decades in the making. Our value foundation was forged as two young girls sharing ideas, dreams and sweets under the table at gymnastics class in a small Johannesburg suburb. Growing up our paths diverged greatly as we developed ourselves and gained far too many degrees along the way, from sports science, architecture and planning, to business and tourism.


It was our passion for the travel and tourism industry that brought us together again and reignited our friendship. And through this we discovered a shared desire to do things differently. We pulled our resources together and joined forces to inspire change and innovation in everything that we do together as Know Your Tourist.

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